• The number one benefit of Facebook advertising is its data and low cost. Facebook will allow you to target your potential customer better than any social media platform. You can TARGET their gender, age, job, income, position, relationship status, and much more. Let’s face it! Facebook knows where you went to school, where you work, and what kind of home you have. We can use this information and market you to the EXACT customers at a low cost.


  • Twitter is fantastic simply because it is SHARED so frequently. Unlike Facebook, we can target people based on the keywords they search and pages they follow. We assume that if someone tweets about certain pages, they will be likely to buy your product. So, we promote tweets and boost website ads on Twitter to people who are likely to show interest in it.


  • LinkedIn advertising is an extremely powerful platform for B2B (business to business) companies to reach the key executives of companies in various industries.Professionals from around the world log-on LinkedIn each and every day to conduct business. With advertising we can immediately TARGET thousands of relevant people. With LinkedIn advertising we will drive Business Professionals to your LinkedIn page, blog, or website through news-feed ads and sponsored updates.